ASL Master

Michelle Mary Schaefer, has always been translating her lines from English to American Sign Language (ASL) when her roles are signing.  As an actor who happens to be Deaf, we always have to work extremely hard, constantly translating lines, working on our speech (when the characters speaks), watching  dialogues, and cues, as well as character development.  However, it is Ms. Schaefer's true passion and she loves every moment of it.  
Majority of plays she has been in she translate her own lines, and there are times when she works with Director of Artistic Sign Language (DASL)/ASL Masters for more clarity and feedbacks with it's signs.  She has learned so much from
Howie Seago, Darren Frazier, Alexandria Wailes, and Monique Holt which they all helped her grow as an actor and even be a better DASL. If you ever need a DASL/ASL Master for your play or film, reach out to Michelle Mary Schaefer!
The following plays are the plays she worked as a DASL/ASL Master: 
* You are Happy 
* Tribes 
* When We Were Young and Unafraid 
* Children of a Lesser God