Michelle Mary Schaefer, has always been a writer since she was a kid. Growing up, she has always been creative with a very vivid imagination.  At one turning point in her life she became a serious writer when she was inspired by her college, Professor Carl Freundel who wrote the play Roses , about the Holocaust, which she portrayed as Anna as she shouted "bright and black," crying while on the train towards to the concentration camps. During that time, between classes and rehearsals you always find Ms. Schaefer with her laptop writing.  However, now, Michelle Mary Schaefer may not be carrying her laptop around, but always has a pen and paper to jot down ideas, inspirations to continue her writings.  

If you are interested in
bringing her work alive, or have her write a script, always feel free to contact her!

TV Shows:

 * Mystery of Dating Natalie 

(Completed 12 episodes of Season one, however, Season two and three are outlined.  This was Ms. Schaefer's 2010 feature film script which she decided to change it into a TV Show, early 2016 to give opportunities for everyone, and even create authentic Deaf roles.  Even, an Oscar nominee for best film editing, Boyhood, Sandra Adair loved the script and encourages Michelle Mary Schaefer to make this happen, which she believes her passion, and talent.  Now, Ms. Schaefer is navigating her way to make this come alive)

 * Buffy the Vampire Slayer

 (Wrote an episode for the TV Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer including a Deaf character for a screenwriting assignment at University of Baltimore.)

 * Everybody Loves Raymond

  (Wrote an episode for the TV Show, Everybody loves Raymond including a Deaf character for a screenwriting assignment at University of Baltimore.)


 *REAL (Michelle Mary Schaefer wrapped this project, February 2020 in Austin, Texas.  As this film was her first script ever brought alive. This project was filmed with talented, passionate filmmakers, Maria Forysthe, Rajinee Buquing, Brittany Marsh, Cassady Spruiell and it stars Michelle Mary Schaefer as Lauren and Tatiana Roberts as Emma. )

Feature Film Scripts: 

 * Caught Between Two Worlds

 * Life of Hannah Elizabeth Goslar, Anne Frank's Best Friend

 * Warr;or (Planning to expand into a Feature Film, to star Michelle Mary Schaefer and Ava L'Amoreaux)

 * Title TBD (Currently writing.  Aiming to star Michelle Mary Schaefer and Claire Foy ) 

Short Film Scripts: 

 * Warr;or

 * Toxic Love

Full Length Stage Plays:

 * Hanneli

 * Oh Sunshine, my Moon  (Expanding it into a full length stage play)

Short Stage Plays:



  * Help Me Please 

(This monologue, is about the Holocaust was performed as Ms. Schaefer's final collaborative performance pieces at CCBC Essex.  Then years later, Michelle Mary Schaefer performed this powerful monologue that left the audience unspeakable at Miss Deaf America pageant where she was Miss Deaf Maryland.)