Even as an actor, and a writer Michelle Mary Schaefer would love to direct more plays and/or films.
If you would like her to direct a project, contact her!
Ms. Schaefer has directed the following projects:
  • Children of a Lesser God
(Michelle Mary Schaefer, directed,  DASL, and due to the last minute drop out she replaced the lead actor and played Sarah Norman in Children of a Lesser God  at the Hope Summer Rep Theatre in Holland, Michigan during the pandemic: July, 2021.  She would have not done it with out the lovely Maggie Spanuello as the Associate Director.)
  •  The Wizard of Oz 
(Michelle Mary Schaefer has adapted and directed The Wizard of Oz for the Kindergarteners while she was student teaching at Margaret's House at the RIT Campus. It was very successful which  the students' self-esteem increased.  Schaefer used this evidence in her research while giving an educational presentation on "Theatre does increase students' esteem, creativity, academic, and communication.")
  • Children of a Lesser God
(Michelle Mary Schaefer, produced, directed, and starred in Children of a Lesser God for the 2013 Fringe Festival in Rochester, NY.)