• "This is a remarkable show, Schaefer as Sarah in Children of a Lesser God is one of the most powerful and moving theatre pieces I have ever seen in a long time."

  • "Schaefer's was poignantly nuanced performance that grows increasingly  confident as the show progresses." - Tribes

  • "It isn’t until Treem introduces the play’s fourth woman, a kind of drifter/handywoman and lesbian separatist named Hannah, that the show truly comes to life. In part, this is thanks to the remarkable job by Michelle Mary Schaefer, a Deaf actress whose embodiment of Hannah’s strength and simmering rage truly comes to define the character."

  • "Schaefer, as Billy is the best theatrical performance I ever seen."

  • "Schaefer, as The Girl in the Mirror, is a beautiful performer. Her face, her movements, her choices- so moving."

  • "Schaefer does the justice as Billy even though she is a female."

  • "Like an opera, Schaefer is the prima donna of this production with a winsome quality and expressive face featuring an outstanding smile. She makes you care about what is happening, aided in no small way by her co-performer, Shoemaker, who is Chloe’s voice. The two performers seem to meld into one cohesive whole."

  • "Puck was played with mischievous glee by Michelle Mary Schaefer. Her antics were fun and she fully embodied that trickster elf."

  • "Michelle Mary Schaefer was magnificent as Sarah Norman, which made me cried."