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Writer (Screenwriter, Playwright)

Michelle Mary Schaefer  has always been a writer since she was a kid.  She writes from her heart which she values #AuthenticStories, #RepresentationMatters , and #Opportunities.

If you are interested in bringing her work alive or to write a script, contact her! ​


TV Series:

Always Natalie (Season 1,  11 Episodes has been written, along with the outline of Season 2 and 3)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (screenwriting assignment)

Everybody Loves Raymond (screenwriting assignment)

Web Series:


Selected for 28 Film Festivals.

Grand Prize Winner at the Skyphire Festival.

Winner Audience Choice at the Lesflicks Film Festival.

Winner Best Series at Gilbert Baker Film Festival. 

Runner Up Audience Choice at Gilbert Baker Film Festival. 

A Finalist for the Best Original Script at AIMAFF in Athens, Greece.

A Finalist at 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival in Bali.

Special Mention in LIMFF in London.


The Mystery of Dating Natalie 

2010 unfinished film script, rewritteninto a 12-episode web series. 

In 2020, rewritten into a TV Series called Always Natalie.

(Oscar winner for best editing, Sandra Adair loves the script and encouraged her to make it happen.)


Feature Film: 

Caught Between Two Worlds

Life of Hannah Elizabeth Goslar, Anne Frank's Best Friend

Destiny ( Looking for investors and plan to film in the US and UK, starring Michelle Mary Schaefer) 


Short Film: 

It's a Match

Babe to Blocked 


Toxic Love

So High, is Love Real?


Full Length Stage Play:




Short Stage Play:


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