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Writer (Screenwriter, Playwright)

Michelle Mary Schaefer  has always been a writer since she was a kid.  She writes from her heart which she values #AuthenticStories, #RepresentationMatters , and #Opportunities.

If you are interested in bringing her work alive or to write a script, contact her! ​


TV Series:

Always Natalie (Season 1,  11 Episodes has been written, along with the outline of Season 2 and 3)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (screenwriting assignment)

Everybody Loves Raymond (screenwriting assignment)

Web Series:


Selected for 27 Film Festivals.

Grand Prize Winner at the Skyphire Festival.

Winner Audience Choice at the Lesflicks Film Festival.

A Finalist for the Best Original Script at AIMAFF in Athens, Greece.

A Finalist at 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival in Bali.

Special Mention in LIMFF in London.


The Mystery of Dating Natalie 

2010 unfinished film script, rewritteninto a 12-episode web series. 

In 2020, rewritten into a TV Series called Always Natalie.

(Oscar winner for best editing, Sandra Adair loves the script and encouraged her to make it happen.)


Feature Film: 

Caught Between Two Worlds

Life of Hannah Elizabeth Goslar, Anne Frank's Best Friend

Destiny ( Looking for investors and plan to film in the US and UK, starring Michelle Mary Schaefer) 


Short Film: 

It's a Match

Babe to Blocked 


Toxic Love

So High, is Love Real?


Full Length Stage Play:




Short Stage Play:


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