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Michelle Mary Schaefer, is known as an actor who takes risks; will bring the characters alive on stage and screen.  Ms. Schaefer is the first Deaf Female actor to take on the role of Billy in Tribes by Nina Raine which she has five times.
She is often called  "The Depp" which is, Johnny Depp a talented actor who changes his looks for every role. 
Her acting expertise will exceed your expectations, leaving the audience longing for more. 

Ms. Schaefer happens to be Deaf, fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), is learning British Sign Language (BSL) and has the ability to speak.  She does not allow her Deafness stop her from following her passions.  

Michelle Mary Schaefer is also a writer, director, creator, intimacy coordinator/director, producer, an ARTIST who is living authentically.
Michelle Mary Schaefer
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