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Michelle Mary Schaefer was interviewed by Voyage LA Magazine for theh Daily Inspiration.

Michelle Mary Schaefer has been cast as the lead, Carli in "I Love You So Much."

Michelle Mary Schaefer will produce, direct and star in a short script she wrote, Babe to Blocked in 2022.  Donate and support the film:

Michelle Mary Schaefer is working on bringing several projects such as "REAL", "Destiny", and "Always Natalie" alive.  If you are an executive producer or filmmaker who is interested in working on unique award-winning projects, then contact her!

Michelle Mary Schaefer is working on a new-musical, "The Lyrics" by Emily Perzan, in the role of Piper, a Musical Theatre actress/dancer who is Deaf, and lesbian trying to make it in New York City.  If you are intrigued about the play, and would like to bring to life in your theatre, then let's make it happen.  

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