• Michelle Mary Schaefer is in rehearsals for Tribes by Nina Raine at Tacoma Arts Live in Tacoma Washington directed by Louis Hobson.  This is her fifth and last time playing the role which the show runs from November 4th to November 21st (8 performances only)

  • Back in 2018, Michelle Mary Schaefer (Puck)  along with her dog Annabelle Louise (Moonshine's Dog)  both made their first Shakespeare Debut in A Midsummer Night's Dream which the video will be available streaming till November 1st.  Tickets are on sale  online at Sound Theatre Company's website, 

  • In 2022, Michelle Mary Schaefer will film the rest of the Season of REAL.  The cast and crew cannot wait to get back in production. 

  • Michelle Mary Schaefer has been cast as the lead, Carli in I Love You So Much which will film in 2022. 

  • Michelle Mary Schaefer is working on bringing several projects such as REAL, Destiny, and Always Natalie alive.  If you are an executive producer, and/or a filmmaker who is interest in working on an unique award-winning projects, then contact her!

  • Michelle Mary Schaefer is working on a new-musical, The Lyrics by Emily Perzan carrying on the role of Piper, a Musical Theatre Actress/Dancer who is Deaf, and a Lesbian trying to make it in NYC.  If you are intrigue about the play, and/or would like to bring it alive in your theatre, then let's make it happen.